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Florida Legislature To Protect Tenants In Foreclosure

A Florida Bill aimed at protecting tenants in Florida foreclosures recently passed another threshold on its way to becoming state law. If voted into law, the Bill would require new landlords to provide existing tenants thirty days to vacate a property once it is sold at foreclosure auction.  From 2009-2014, federal legislation known as the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure Act required that new landlords honor existing annual leases, or provide …Read More

Florida Foreclosure Update

Recently, Realty Trac reported that Florida’s foreclosure numbers declined by more than 35% from last year.  However, Florida still ranks as the highest state in the nation based on number of foreclosures. Other reputable sources reveal that there are still some half million homes in the state of Florida that remain in some form of pre-foreclosure.  Without doubt, there is a new wave of foreclosures on the horizon as interest …Read More

Short Sale Tax Break Extended!

With only days to spare before the end of the year, President Obama signed a bill extending the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act through 2014.  The extension is great news to any individuals who completed a short sale in 2014. A short sale is the sale of property for an amount that is less than what is owed to the bank.  Traditionally, the short sale is accompanied with a waiver of …Read More

House OK’s Short Sale Tax Break

Following the housing bubble of 2006-2007, Florida experienced a surge of foreclosures and short sales.  A short sale is the sale of real property for less than the amount owed the mortgage.  Short sales are subject to approval from the bank, but have been a saving grace for millions of homeowners stuck in “underwater homes”. For many years, short sales were the preferred method of loss mitigation.  Banks liked short …Read More

Revenge of Robo Signers

The foreclosure crisis of 2008-2012, seems to be the gift that keeps giving.  For years, Floridians have heard about the detrimental impacts of foreclosure “rocket dockets” and “robo-signers”.  The “robo-signer” term describes those individuals who were hired by banks and foreclosure mills alike to sign and attest to foreclosure documents that were never actually reviewed.  The end result was millions of improper foreclosures and headaches for borrowers.  The “robo-signer” anomaly …Read More

Avoid Probate: The Lady Bird Deed

Many of our clients regularly seek guidance on how to avoid the probate process.  The reason for doing so is that the probate process is both costly and time consuming.  Accordingly, many Floridians turn to trusts, life estates and now “lady bird” deeds to help ensure their properties can be easily transferred to loved ones upon their death. What is a lady bird deed? A ladybird deed is a deed …Read More