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Florida is One Hot International Buyer Destination

Florida is One Hot International Buyer Destination

by Charlie Hounchell, Esquire

Florida clearly outranks all other states when it comes to international buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors’ most recent research, Florida transactions represent 25.4 percent of all international purchases in the U.S. The report noted that 35.5 percent of Florida Realtors surveyed said that their international business has grown in the past five years. This data confirms the need for all sellers in Florida to focus their marketing efforts on international buyer prospects.

Canadians ranked as the No. 1 group of international buyers in Florida due to 33 percent of all Canadian purchases in the U.S. last year taking place in Florida. The British ranked No. 2 and the Mexicans No. 3 for international real estate transactions in Florida. Chinese, Indian and German buyers rank No. 4, 5 and 6 in Florida, according to the NAR survey.

Considering the current weakness of the dollar in the international monetary market, international buyers will find that Florida real estate presents quite an attractive investment opportunity.

by Charlie Hounchell, Esquire, Charles A. Hounchell, P.A. – Attorneys & Counselors at Law

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Mr. Hounchell has a law degree from The University of Florida College of Law and he is a partner in The Law Offices of Charles A. Hounchell, P.A. – Attorneys & Counselors at Law, in Tampa, Florida. http:/www.flpropertylaw.com. Mr. Hounchell obtained his undergraduate degree from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and he obtained his MBA in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management (“Thunderbird”) in Glendale, Arizona.

Mr. Hounchell is a licensed real estate agent with Smith and Associates, Inc.
http://www.smithandassociates.com/; http://www.livecasanova.com/. He has lived in many different countries, including Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Germany and he speaks Spanish and Portuguese. A significant portion of Mr. Hounchell’s law practice is concentrated on Real Estate Law. He can be reached at 813-230-3376 or charlie@flpropertylaw.com; http:/www.flpropertylaw.com/