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The Downtown Revival

When the housing boom spread through the local area, newly constructed high-rises, lofts, and urban apartments began to dot the Tampa skyline. Places like Grand Central at Kennedy, the Towers of Channelside, and SkyPoint and Element all offered freshly built structures, modern monuments to luxury and comfort, shiny beacons luring those looking for an upscale urban lifestyle.

Then the housing market collapsed. And hundreds of those brand-new units were left empty and developers struggled to unload them at even the most modest prices. Downtown Tampa, once a potentially vibrant and kinetic area, stood largely vacant.

Until now, that is.

According to a recent article in the St. Petersburg Times, downtown Tampa is currently bustling with new residents. Triggered by an increase in renters and bargain hunters, not to mention a thriving waterfront arts and entertainment scene, those once-empty towers are now almost completely full. In fact, Tampa Downtown Partnership reported in April that 85% of downtown homes were occupied, a rate higher than the state average.

Click on the St. Petersburg Times link above to read more about the rebirth and emergence of Tampa’s downtown area. Amidst all the discouraging economic news, it’s good to see hopeful signs of life and a possible glimpse of things to come.